About Global Health Dorcas

Dorcas Gwata is a Global Health Consultant based in the UK. Shas wide experience of working in Zimbabwe, East Africa and Asia. She has previously worked on a Mayor of London public mental health specialist role working with young people and families affected by gang culture in London, a project that extrapolates research  lessons from low income countries to high income countries, she has worked on the Zimbabwean Friendship Bench Project. Her ability to live in and for different cultural realities allows Dorcas to import new innovative knowledge also in the UK where mental and physical health issues display similar challenges such as economic constraints and vulnerable population, with focus on gender violence, mental health and trauma. She is an experienced Global Mental Health Specialist working across Sub-Sahara Africa with special interest in Gender Violence, Substance Misuse, Common Mental Health Disorders, Non Communicable Diseases, Migration, Climate Change, Cross Cultural Psychiatry and Youth Health. Dorcas is also a visiting Lecturer at LSHTM and King’s College London. Dorcas studied the MSc in Public Health at LSHTM

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Mothering the most vulnerable

Honoured to be featured in Mbare newsletter in light of my contribution to vulnerable communities in London and Zimbabwe.

These nurturing genes were planted in me by generations of mothers who planted values of compassion, empathy and care in my life. I am a product of their trauma, resilience and innovation

http://mbilez24.co.zw/celebrating-mothers-day-with-dr -dorcas-gwata/…

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African Women in Global Health

Tropical Health Education Trust

THET Advisor

THET is honoured to appoint Dorcas Gwata as an Advisor. Dorcas brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in health partnerships and diaspora engagement. Her passion for better mental health for all is phenomenal, her contribution to gendered leadership is outstanding. Dorcas is co-founder of the Global Health Café, which stimulates reflection through dialogue and addresses important health issues of relevance to Africa, such as innovation, health policy and practice that support Health Systems. Dorcas works as a volunteer with AFRUCA (Africans United Against Child Abuse), a charity set up in the wake of the murder of eight-year old Victoria Climbié in London in 2000. She is a strong advocate on safeguarding issues for African children across communities affected by female genital mutilation, human trafficking, modern slavery and witchcraft branding.

Chido Dziva Chikwari


The Gogo Project

Gogo Project COVID19 Diaspora Response

The story of pandemics is the story of inequalities, the poor and vulnerable are always most affected. The Gogo Project started a couple of weeks after the COVID19 impacted on us all. In the Zimbabwean context, the pandemic had landed on an existing economic hardship and it became apparent that grandmothers who were otherwise able to make a small living out of selling goods were hugely affected by the lockdown arrangements.

On close analysis, we found that many grandmothers in Mbare are looking after grandchildren with little support. Many of the children’s parents have died or migrated within the region. As Zimbabwean diaspora, our hearts were moved by the stories that some grandmothers shared, we were compelled to help, the Gogo Project is an innovative project, was borne out of the desire to give back to Zimbabwe and support the most vulnerable in our communities. We are all passionate about the project.

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Art & Mental Health

Gemma Griffiths

Mental Health Patron

Talking about mental health is a vital action I hope to encourage in Zimbabwe. To break the stigmas and misunderstandings about mental illness, and to hopefully create a shift towards an open conversation about mental health struggles and journeys in all corners of our country. Music, I believe, is an incredible tool to heal and communicate, a unifying and strengthening Avenue in which we can share our stories, and encourage acceptance, growth and ultimately healing.

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