About Global Health Dorcas

Dorcas Gwata is a Global Health Specialist working with young people and families affected by gang culture in London, a project that extrapolates research  lessons from low income countries to high income countries, she has worked on the Zimbabwean Friendship Bench Project and she has extensive experience working in East Africa and Asia.  Her ability to live in and for different cultural realities allows Dorcas to import new innovative knowledge also in the UK were mental and physical health issues display similar challenges such as economic constraints and vulnerable population, with focus on gender violence, mental health and trauma. She is an experienced Global Mental Health Specialist working across Sub-Sahara Africa with special interest in Gender Violence, Substance Misuse, Common Mental Health Disorders, Non Communicable Diseases, Migration, Cross Cultural Psychiatry and Youth Health. Dorcas is also a visiting Lecturer at LSHTM and Kings College London. Dorcas studied the MSc in Public Health at LSHTM

Dorcas is a Mental Health Advisor at Tropical Health Education Trust (THET) and The Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (RSHTM)  she has recently been awarded with the International Human Rights Award by the University of Surrey. Dorcas is the co-founder of the Global Health Café, the first African-led platform focusing on global health issues with particular focus on Africa, she mentors young graduates, she is passionate about supporting more women of colour in leadership. Dorcas is the founder of the Gogo Project, an innovative project that provides humanitarian support to grandmothers and grandchildren and child led homes in Mbare. The program is run by young community champions who are trained in basic mental health, sexual health, safeguarding and governance.

Dorcas is interested in the merger between mental health and art, she supports local artists in Zimbabwe and the UK. Dorcas is a keen adventure and business traveller, she provides cultural consultation to businesses and individuals travelling to Africa. She practises yoga regularly and has an insatiable love for Africa

Dorcas Gwata is Zimbabwean Public Health Specialist, blogger and social affairs analyst. I have worked and traveled across Africa, Asia and North America. I am active member of many Diaspora Global Health platforms. My blog critiques on health, culture, travel and current affairs. I studied Public Health and Gender Violence at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and have a specialist interest in gang culture, mental health and HIV. I was awarded RCN Nursing Standard Mental Health Nurse 2015 for my clinical work in Mental Health and Gangs.

In 2013 I was awarded Vodafone World of Difference award i and worked as an Mental Health Advisor for AFRUCA Charity, providing consultation to African communities affected by FGM, Human trafficking, witchcraft brandishing and child abuse. I regularly volunteer for AFRUCA charity and am also a trustee for Zimbabwe Health Training Support Charity.

I am a African Affairs News Analyst and have appeared on BBC Africa, ITV, BBC London Radio and Press TV. When not running grassroots programs, I am likely to be found tucked into a book, viewing art, scanning African fabrics,cooking African food, on adventure travels around the world, in yoga,or, volunteering for charities, capoeira or watching wildlife documentaries. I am a Bantu woman and am well versed on many Bantu cultures and languages.

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