Gangs & Youth Violence

Youth violence is a global pandemic, and it is the fourth leading cause of death amongst young people worldwide (WHO, 2018). In the UK youth violence, specifically knife crime is on the increase and has resulted in the deaths of many young people. A significant number of those affected are from the Black, African and Ethnic Minority (BAME) background.

I am a Global Health Specialist working with young people and families affected by gang culture in London. My work extrapolates evidence-based lessons from low income countries to high income countries. I have worked on the Zimbabwean Friendship Bench Project and I have extensive experience working in East Africa and Asia.  My ability to live in and for different cultural realities allows me to import new innovative knowledge also in the UK were mental and physical health issues display similar challenges such as economic constraints and vulnerable population, with focus on gender violence, mental health and trauma.

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