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Leadership: African women in Global Health

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I love mentoring young African women in global health, I love sharing lessons that I wish someone had shared with me when I embarked on my journey in global mental health.

2020 was a year of turbulence and opportunities, in it all we rose that much stronger and wiser. I am hugely honored to have shared my growth with my mentee, Gracious Mursariri,. Gracious is a young leader who is carving her way into global health. I have learnt so much from Grace, not least her huge sense of calm, compassion and a desire to learn.

Thank you for this beautiful testimony on our mentoring relationship, I look forward to more growth, fun and development. GHD

”I have worked with Dorcas on several projects including the Gogo Project. Being Dorcas’ mentee for the last 6 months has been a sensational experience. Dorcas is highly knowledgeable in many areas including global health, mental health, sexual health, and youth and gangs, and more.

I can honestly say that I have learnt so much and developed immensely as an individual and as a professional. What’s more, I have been able to see tangible results in the projects we have led and witnessed quick and long term wins during the project life cycle.

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Dorcas has a nurturing energy that constantly radiates and allows her to gracefully scoop people under her wings. This is the case with me and with many other young aspiring leaders in the UK, Zimbabwe, USA and other parts of the world. Dorcas encouraged me to “lean in” and not to be afraid to take on challenges and in the same breath provides reassurance and security. I remember organising and chairing my first Global Health event on Zoom. I was terrified as this was my first time chairing an event of any kind, however, Dorcas coached and mentored me through the journey and checked in with me regularly to make sure I was OK

Being part of the Global Health Dorcas team has allowed me to step into many rooms, sit at table’s and have discussions that I never would have imagined this time last year. Dorcas has trusted me with her extensive networks and has encouraged me to connect with people who are doing remarkable things in the field of Global Health. Dorcas has many admirable qualities and the one which shines the most is her passion for better health which drives her to commit to and consistently deliver on projects”No alt text provided for this image

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Gracious Musariri. MentalHealth Practitioner

Global Health Dorcas Mentee

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Dorcas GwataLeadership: African women in Global Health

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