Tiffany Shadrick

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We are loving our mentoring journey with Graduate Psychologist Tiffany Shadrick.

Tiffany says…

‘I value working within a team, working collaboratively to bring wonderful

results together”

Thank you Tiffany for all you bring to Global Health and Zimbabwe

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Mothering the most vulnerable

Honoured to be featured in Mbare newsletter in light of my contribution to vulnerable communities in London and Zimbabwe.

These nurturing genes were planted in me by generations of mothers who planted values of compassion, empathy and care in my life. I am a product of their trauma, resilience and innovation.

My mother was born in Mbare it’s no wonder that I find myself back on her turf, hassling, advocating and supporting vulnerable communities. I am home here.

Thank you to the team at Global Health Dorcas, your commitment to this work is mind blowing, I am deeply grateful.

We keep pushing, because our mothers pushed us to greater heights.

Tatiana Natalie Kondo

Honestly, COVID 19 has got to go.

I am Tatiana, I am 21, I live in Mbare, Zimbabwe. I really have been trying hard to keep myself occupied and productive during these COVID times however, worrying and thinking too much has been quite inevitable. Sometimes, I just become so uncertain about my tomorrow and I slowly become fearful. I just miss being human,

The restrictions make me quite sad. I miss skateboarding, going to church, attending workshops, volunteering, being amid nature and interacting with my friends.

The COVID19 deaths have really affected me mentally. Everyone is a potential carrier, and it is like we are constantly thinking the worst of each other which is a terrible way to live. It also breaks my heart to know that people are losing their lives at this rate. Young people are going through some difficult experiences. I suffer from severe anxiety and I often feel depressed.

I have been trying hard to be productive during these bleak times. I have been working hard to improve my writing skills, I have been reading a lot, up cycling debris, designing and creating. I love teaching and mentoring others, discovering who I am, passionately pursing my purpose.

I stay connected, in touch with the people I love’

Tatiana Natalie Kondo, Zv

Lynn Kudakwashe Mwawa

Her Zimbabwe

We met in Mbare, you were the intern at the local community club, I was the nervous Zim diaspora trying to fit in, armed with all things mental health and art.

You are the quiet one, your silence speaks to volumes of grassroots work. I am the chatter box, full of ideas, too many ideas, I love how we reign each other in.

We are both passionate about helping the most vulnerable in our communities. We set up a team in the most unorthodox way, you lead with integrity, transparency and honesty. I love that about you.

Today our team is supporting grandmothers and grandchildren with groceries and mental health awareness in Mbare and beyond. We are delivering mental health and sexual reproductive health workshops wherever our needs take us.

With your leadership we have opened the space, young people are talking more openly about sexual health, drug abuse and climate change.

Thank you Lynn Kudakwashe Mwawa for your compassionate leadership, your warmth and your healthy silence. Thank you for getting it done without ever shouting about it.

Thank for driving the GHD work forward, thank you to our entire team for your solid commitment to the cause, I am truly indebted.

We are Zimbabwean women leading in Global Health.

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