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Mental Health and Migration at Global Health Cafe

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The Global Health Cafe community met again recently and explored issues of mental health, migration and economies of migration with special guests, Turkish Psychiatrist,  Dr Vesile Senturk and Kenyan Economist Agnes Gitau. The context:
Despite the notable public health improvements across Africa, there are still significant challenges that remain. All the current global health initiatives; SDGs including UHC (Universal Health Coverage), GHSA (Global Health Security Agenda), One Health, provide optimism for sustainable health solutions in Africa. However, if Africa is to truly improve the health of its population and attain the desired goals of these initiatives, collective and African-led efforts are needed. Local leadership has proven vital in disease outbreak response and is a strong example of the effective and sustainable benefits of African-led approaches to public health improvement across much of the Continent.
The Global Health community in Britain is growing and those with a passion for Africa are increasingly seeking to amplify their voice and ability to remedy these problems. There is a sizeable community of Africans outside of Africa and they too have a role to play in ‘Africanled’ approaches. The Global Health Cafe is a new platform formed by Global Mental Health Expert, Dorcas Gwata and Global Policy Expert Ade Adeyemi with great support from Dr Titilola Banjoko (Director of Performance, Planning and Informatics, NHS) and Professor Aliko Ahmed (Director of Public Health England, East of England), the founders of Better Health for Africa. Our regular Global Health Café meet-ups take place in Westminster, London. Enthusiasts come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences to meet and discuss Global Health issues, with a view to stimulate progressive dialogue that can inform innovation, health policy, evaluation and practise. Progress so far Recently, we have explored the impact of Brexit on Global Health, career opportunities in Global Health and this month we will be discussing the relationship between mental health and the economics of migration with special guests Turkish Psychiatrists Dr Vesile Senturk and Kenyan Economist Agnes Gitau.
We will explore the mental health outcomes in migrant communities with a particular focus on Turkey and Kenya; looking at the economic, cultural and social impacts of migration on these countries. We will also focus on lessons that low income countries can learn from middle income countries, where we will move to understand the effects of migration on these countries and make representations to the appropriate authorities.
We explore business opportunities and the economies of migration in Global Health, in the paradigm of a politicized migration. Are we missing the business opportunities than can arise from migration, could economies of migration help to develop health care systems and businesses in Africa? The Global Health Café series is an African-led platform, with focus on health in Africa, importantly so because, despite progress Africa continues to carry the heaviest burden of global disease. The future Over time we will be looking to develop these discussions on bigger think-tank platforms, seeking funding to grow our influence in Global Health.
The timing could not be more right with the new appointment of Dr Tedros Gebreyesus WHO Director General, the first African to hold this post. The community that gathers at the Café will serve as the “vehicle” for informed and credible delivery of sustainable public health improvements in Africa, supporting the new WHO DG in its own little way. All efforts to support and magnify our impact are welcome
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Dorcas Gwata, Global Mental Health Expert and
Ade Adeyemi, Global Health Policy Expert
Thank you to all our volunteers on the Global Health Cafe series, we very much appreciate your efforts
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