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School uniforms in Ghana

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School uniforms in Ghana 🔥

Ghana is the first African country to introduce their own traditional school uniforms, the beauty of it, and such wonderful people. Love the natural hair.

I fell in love with Ghana when I visited, diverse cultures and traditions, excellent diaspora engagement programs which speak to the growing and vibrant economy. The uniforms are sourced locally, this stimulates the local economy, a win-win for climate change.

Education is the bed rock of every society, now more than ever, we Africans need to return back to our values and traditions to redefine our identities. We are a proud Global South.

The next generation of African leaders is sitting in our classrooms as we speak, cultural identify instilled and supported from an early age is key in fostering future leaders. Peace and stability can be achieved through national pride, Ghana is a peaceful country.

Well done Ghana 🇬🇭

Pictures credit to @Afroink on Twitter

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