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The God of small things

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We came together, she is the Indian restaurant owner who has lived in Kenya moved back to India.

I am the Zimbabwean woman in search of a better and fair world.

When Covid-19 hit India, Ronte closed her up market restaurant to turned to distributing street food for the poor and vulnerable.

Our Gogo Project in Zimbabwe supports a the very poor with groceries and mental health support.

India and Africa in conversation with each other, our culture and colours weaved into one. Our worlds and challenges are deeply similar, with just as much potential.

We are two women of colour pulling our collective strength to support the most vulnerable, we are sharing our stories, stories of compassion, resilience and the power of community engagement.

Ronte is running her game from Pune, India, she is out and about doing God’s work. Her meals, branded #HappinessDabba are highly nutritious and accessible. Her works goes beyond caste or religion, she is deeply generous of her time. This is Gods work.

Please help us to support people in India and Zimbabwe

We would be most grateful for your kind donations to the poor. Please be assured that the money goes directly to those intended

Thank you for supporting our work

Dorcas GwataThe God of small things

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